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Manamaster: Construction Materials Trading and Exporting Company

Mana Tejarat Kian Isatis Company (Manamaster), an online trading and wholesale center, exporter and distributor of building materials in all kinds of prices and sizes to contractors, sellers and merchants.

Manamaster is one of Iran’s top factories for exporting building material and is located in Yazd. A factory with more than 15 years of experience, long-term cooperation with building material companies, architects, interior designers, contractors throughout Iran. Manamaster strives to ease your choice and purchase of construction materials. Manamaster has taken a step in this direction by launching its website “Manamaster.com”. Check, select, compare and order building materials faster, easier and cheaper than you think.

Manamaster building materials trading group has taken a step in the field of research, production and distribution of various types of construction materials such as Iranian tiles, Iranian stone, building blocks, Iranian AAC block, bricks and chemicals since 2005 and had a successful cooperation with big and famous construction material shops in Iran.

Manamaster building material trading company offers diverse and high quality products as well as reasonable and affordable pricing. to get accurate prices, you can use “Manamaster price inquiry service” for free.

After continuous efforts, Manamaster succeeded in export construction materials to Arab countries and Europe and beyond the borders of Iran, like Export of building materials to Turkey, Chin, Iraq and Qatar.

Manamaster is proud to offer building materials with a high variety, which has been able to gain the trust of more than 30 manufacturers and brands. Manamaster experts are ready to provide free advice in the field of buying construction materials. you can ensure the quality and fairness of pricing by viewing and comparing the prices of this group with other competitors.

For the wholesale purchase of construction materials, prices, sales conditions and order registration, contact Manamaster experts so that they can help you in the process of purchase. Manamaster magazine is also launched with the aim of increasing knowledge in the field of construction materials.

all sellers active in the field of building materials can be our sales representative in their countries just by completing the application form.

Iran is one of the successful countries in the field of construction materials export, which has proven its excellent national production with its quality and suitable products.
Manamaster factory is one of the most reputable suppliers and construction materials exporter in the country. Exporting construction materials to neighboring countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Pakistan and other countries, adds to the reputation of Manamaster factory and makes it one of the first companies to export building materials.

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